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Can I really get 30 days of free car washes without any catches?
Absolutely. We want you to keep your new car looking new for years to come. At Waterway® Carwash it is our mission to give customers the cleanest, friendliest, highest quality, car wash experience in town. And because you purchased a new or pre-owned car since January 1, 2020, we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring you into the Waterway family and let you know what we mean when we say, Waterway clean.
Will I be billed or automatically enrolled in the Waterway® Clean Car Club® when my FREE 30 Days are up?
No. We do not ask for your credit card number or any online payment as part of this Free Wash program. You will not be billed for any Clean Car Club® services as part of this 30-day, introductory membership. Additional services may be purchased at Waterway® Carwash locations, but your Clean Car Club Express Shine Level membership and all the services included in this membership are completely free for 30 days. For a complete listing of the services included in a Waterway® Clean Car Club® Express Shine Level membership, visit the Clean Car Club® page at waterway.com.
How do you define new car purchase for this FREE introductory offer?
Any make. Any model. Any year. If you purchased a new or pre-owned vehicle between January 1, 2020 and today, you qualify. Simply fill in the PURCHASE DATE when you register to verify your FREE 30-day Clean Car Club® Express Shine Level membership. The FREE WASHES for NEW CARS offer is only valid one time per vehicle, per owner.
What if I don't have license plates yet? Can I register with temporary tags?
If you don’t have license plates on your new vehicle just yet, please come back and sign up when your new plates are on your car.
How does the program work?
Introductory Clean Car Club® members are treated just like our everyday Clean Car Club® members. You will receive a membership card in the mail. It will identify you as an Introductory Clean Car Club® member to Waterway® employees. Show your card at any Waterway® location to take advantage of FREE car washes and discounted upgrade washes.
I'm currently Waterway® Clean Car Club® member. Can I get 30 days of membership for free?
This program is for new members or additional vehicles only. Unfortunately, current Clean Car Club® members do not qualify for this program. If you’ve added an additional car to your household and wish to enroll this new vehicle in the Free Wash Program, you qualify. If you’re simply replacing an old vehicle with a new vehicle on your current membership, you do not.
What happens at the end of my 30-day introductory membership?
We’ll let you know when your 30 days of free car washes are coming to an end. And, we’ll let you know how you can continue enjoying all the Clean Car Club® membership benefits you’ve come to enjoy. Visit the Clean Car Club® membership page at waterway.com for more information.
I have another question. How can I contact Waterway®?
For questions about this program or any Waterway® Carwash program, you can email us or give us a call at 636-537-3573. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.